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Learning something new can help broaden your outlook, refresh your mind and leave you more open to opportunities. Knowledge is power. Harness yours.


Develop an income stream by becoming an expert in a specialized marketplace that gives homeowners new options.


Helping homeowners stay in the place they call home when they are faced with financial or personal difficulties is a rewarding contribution to the community.


A Real Estate professional certified to facilitate a Leaseback transaction on a proprietary platform

A Realtor is a member of the Board of Realtors, Zelltors do not have to be a member of the Board.

There is an annual fee of $199.99. This fee will be refunded to you after you complete two transactions.

As a Zelltor you are uniquely qualified to conduct Leaseback transactions within a dedicated platform

There are disclosures you will have to sign as part of the process. They will be sent to you by email.

The Seller is charged a commission which will be shared between Listing side and Selling side per our agreement.

Your compensation is from transaction commissions.

Introduction to Leaseback, Benefits of Leaseback, Working with Investors and How to present Leaseback to a willing Seller.


Yes, there is no requirement to be a member of the Board of Realtors however you must have a current Real Estate License in the state you will conduct business.


Listings posted on the platform are required to be exclusive to the site and cannot appear on the MLS during the listing period.


S2R Realty LLC collects a fee at closing which covers the cost of promotion of your listing across all digital media we use.


Yes, there is a comprehensive listing agreement that both you and your client have to sign.


Only a certified Zelltor can submit a property to feature on the platform.

A qualified Seller may still be able to leaseback their house.

Investor’s criteria vary and they evaluate the overall opportunity.

Changes can be made to the price and terms posted with Seller acknowledgement. We are constantly procuring new Investors and we keep them updated as to any changes . 

The Seller will have to sign an exclusive listing agreement for a 60 day period.

The investor will include the rental term in their offer. If they require a specific term we can include it in the listing.

We will coordinate the closing with the title company.

We will provide you the tools to present this new approach to Sellers that did not consider this option before.

Investors are qualified based on their experience and ability to purchase and manage the property.

Sellers and Investors need to sign an agreement in order to participate.

You must possess a valid and current Real Estate License, complete a four course certification and pass a final exam

Currently there is no continuing education requirement.

The course is self paced. The sooner you become certified the sooner you can begin earning commissions.

By having access to a platform that matches Buyers and Sellers interested in a Leaseback transaction

You will have login access to the platform enabling you to work from anywhere.

Commissions are only paid on the sale.

Course materials are available online once you login.

Zelltor has no affiliation with the NAR

This is an individual certification however we encourage you to share our program with your Broker.

We are licensed in Florida and have cooperative agreements with brokerages in other states.

There are no listing fees per property, however you must be an active member to share the information.

We will link your client to your account and you can track the progress online is the website of the proprietary platform for Zelltor transactions.

The investor will determine their own value.

Customarily when homeowners sell their house, they move. A leaseback gives them a new alternative where they can release their equity and stay in their home without disrupting their lives.

Rental terms are determined by each Investor depending on the Sellers circumstances.

Showing the property is not required. The Seller can provide the pictures and videos necessary to present the property.

Guidelines for qualification are presented in the Zelltor certification course.

The condition of the house is considered in the offer made by the Investor.

The property is listed on the platform only.  There is no sign placed on the property.

A leaseback occurs when a homeowner sells their property to an investor who then leases the house back to them.

Having a stable renter who already considers the property home and will treat the property with care is very desirable for an Investor.

This is a great way to develop recurring revenue. Any Investor you sign up can be tracked in your account.

Commissions will be paid at closing.