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Finance your Business Expansion

The American dream- Homeownership, The Entrepreneur’s dream- Business Ownership

What if you had the opportunity to have one dream fuel the other?

Starting a business takes a few things- a good idea, a good work ethic and a good amount of money. Expanding a business requires a calculated plan.

Typically you use your own money or max out your credit cards. You can appeal to Family and Friends to invest If you have an avid group of supporters. And of course, there are the conventional methods of financing through a business line of credit or SBA Loan Program.

Other options include selling a portion of your business either to an active partner that works the business with you or a silent partner that stays out of the day to day operations.

If you are a homeowner you may be able to take a home equity line of credit or refinance your mortgage and take a limited amount of cash out.

A new way to access the equity in your home is through a Leaseback. A Leaseback is an opportunity to sell your house to an Investor/Buyer who will let you stay in it as a renter. You are able to release the equity and stay in your home for a mutually agreed upon sales price and rental terms.

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