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Living your Dreams: Cash Out, Stay and Play

As many homeowners become empty nesters after their kids move out, owning a house can become more of a burden than a haven. You may not have someone nearby to help clean the gutters or mow the lawn or shovel the snow. The older you get the more you realize it may not be such a good idea to climb up on that ladder yourself.  Year in and year out there is always something to do in a house. Owning a house can be a big responsibility, however, there comes a time when you might need a change from the old routine.

What would you do if you suddenly had an influx of cash? I’m not talking about winning the lottery kind of cash….but enough to do some of the things you have been putting off – buying a vacation condo, buying a boat, paying off high-interest debt such as credit cards or taking a long overdue trip?

If you are tired of homeownership and have equity locked up in your house it might be the right time to set it free.

Change is hard most of the time. Sometimes you have to ease into it.  Selling your home with a leaseback is one way to access the equity you have while getting to stay in your home until you are ready to move on. This innovative option gives you the ability to sell your house, receive the cash proceeds, (after paying off any existing mortgage and closing costs) and lease it back from the investor that buys it. You can cash out, stay and then….play.

When you first bought your house it may have been to set the anchor for your family and your future. Now it can be the port from which you sail in pursuit of your dreams.

What is on your bucket list?


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